Full Stack Project Ideas to Implement in this year

We have curated this list with the help of our full-stack developers. Use them and create a brilliant solution that changes the world.

  1. Marketplace solution
  2. Conversational chatbot
  3. VR-based solution
  4. Crowd-funding online platform
  5. Custom rental property management solution
  6. Weather forecasting
  7. Online therapy and counseling platform
  8. Real-time reporting solution for misconduct
  9. Addiction recovery
  10. All-in-one travel booking app

Project Ideas for the Full Stack Web Developers
The full stack web developers or software developers can develop various type of applications which includes:

Marketplace Solution
Developing a marketplace app or web solution to connect buyers and sellers is one of the best ideas for full-stack web development. In fact, according to Statista, in 2022, retail eCommerce sales of physical goods amounted to almost 34.8 billion US dollars and are projected to increase to 40.3 billion USD in 2025.
In fact, you can also choose to build a third-party (3P) marketplace solution. A third-party (3P) marketplace solution is where the brand uses a platform to buy and sell the products. Giant applications like Amazon, eBay, or Best Buy are the best examples of 3P marketplace solutions.
So, developing a marketplace app is one of the best full-stack project development ideas for you. To implement this idea, choose a web development consulting provider who helps you to validate your app idea.
Which are the Core Features of Online Marketplace Solutions?
  • Search and sort filters to find an item
  • Shopping cart to keep track of the items
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Virtual try-on to buy an item before buying
  • In-app chat to communicate.

Conversational Chatbot Implementation
You can design chatbot apps that serve as a chat companions for people who want to talk about their feelings or anything that is disturbing them. You can develop similar apps like Wysa or Woeboy to assist people in grief.
The bot can ask a series of questions to understand the user’s thought patterns. Then, as per the user’s chat, the app suggests meditation, suggest calming techniques and mindfulness audios. If you’re looking for MERN stack project ideas for full stack development, then chatbot apps based on mental health may help you earn millions.
Which are the Core Features of Chatbot App Project?
  • Mood analysis to understand users’ state of mind
  • Emotion detection understand users’ feeling by tone or sound
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to reframe a patient’s negative thoughts into positive ones

VR-Based Solution
According to the statistics from Statista, it is predicted that by 2024 VR market size will increase more than 12 billion USD. Thus, it seems that the market of virtual reality is expanding.
So, developing VR-based apps for people who are in depression can be considered one of the best full stack app ideas.
To reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, you can develop VR-based apps that can deliver gamified experiences. The app focuses on mindfulness exercise, landscapes, and calming sounds. You can provide guided visual relaxation sessions and motivational video clips to boost their productivity. Users need to use VR gears to visualize the landscapes.
This is one of the advanced full stack project ideas for a portfolio. A full-stack developer can implement this idea using VR headsets, the latest technologies, and innovative features to provide the best immersive experience.
Which are the Core Features of VR-based Relaxation Project?
  • The soothing sound of nature
  • 360-degree views of different parts of the world
  • Options to select the environment for meditation
  • Guided visual relaxation sessions
  • Options to add mood before relaxation and after relaxation

Crowdfunding Online Platform
According to Statistics, in 2019, 3.7 million people lived below the poverty line; however, this poverty rate declined by 11% compared to 2018. But this number is big enough to think about the solution to tackle poverty.
One of the full-stack development project ideas to help poor people is to develop a fundraiser platform. Through this platform, your target audience (e.g., NGO) can raise from small to huge amounts of money from across the globe to support a specific cause. You can use a content management system like WordPress to design the fundraiser platform. Better the platform for this project idea, better the learning opportunity of solving the problems of poor people.

Custom Rental Property Management Solution
As per the data of Crunchbase, 17 rental-related companies have raised over $1.3 billion in funding. The rental-related startups are currently popular investment choices amongst investors. As a result, rental-focused startups are closing more seed-funding deals since 2021.
Rental management application allows landlords to manage multiple properties. It enhances the property management process, such as tenant screening, renting properties, and finding rentals nearby. The rental app saves your user time and allows end-users to get the property within a few taps.
So, it brings the right opportunity for you to develop a custom rental property management solution. If you are looking for any money-making and best full-stack projects ideas, then developing a custom rental property management solution is for you.
Let’s check the features of rental property management project.
Which are the Core Features of Rental Property Management Solution?
  • Rent collection
  • Tenant screening
  • Accounting
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance management
  • Marketing
  • Communication portal
  • Reporting

Weather Forecasting Platform
This is one of the best full stack web development ideas, as the climate in Canada is cold, snowy, and experiences winter storms. Winter storms are icy and bring freezing rain, snow, ice, and high winds, which result in the significant car- accidents on icy roads.
In such conditions, if the app can predict accurate weather, car accidents or vehicle crashes can be avoided.
Develop a web app with the help of a web developer team that shows how much it will snow in nearby cities or the destination they are planning to visit. Thus, users can avoid going to locations which have heavy snowfall or storms. In this forecasting app idea, you can even set a tracker to detect real-time hurricanes and storms by integrating radar images and the direction of the snow on the map. Weather app idea can be one of full stack web development project ideas for students looking to work for a final year project.
Which are the Core Features of Weather Forecasting App?
  • Live weather condition updates
  • Tracks the location and motion of the storm
  • Weather visualization with the stunning maps
  • Historical temperature trends

Online Therapy and Counselling Platform
Many times it can happen that people are unable to visit therapists. In such cases, a digital coach, counsellor or online mental therapist can be very beneficial.
You can develop a full-stack web application which connects people to therapists virtually through messaging and video calls. This project idea even helps to find the right therapist based on reviews and star ratings.
A full-stack developer can even design bots that can encourage conversation throughout the conversation to make the app unique. You can even hire us, as we have experience in full-stack development projects and so far we have developed over 300 solution for our clients.
Which are the Core Features of Online Therapy Platform?
  • Chatbot to talk with the user
  • Notification to cheer and foster positive thoughts
  • Progress tracking
  • One-click call to the therapist
  • Information of therapist

Real-time Reporting Solution for Misconducts
Racial discrimination, injustice, abuse, violence are ever-increasing problems from schools to society. However, most of the cases go unnoticed, or no action is taken. To reduce these misconducts, you can design a platform that provides real-time reporting of the issue.
The project idea of developing a platform in which victims can report their issues and share the story; observers can share their experiences positively impacting someone’s life. The one who has committed a mistake gets exposed, and legal actions can be taken based on the misconduct committed.
Features to Integrate in Real-time Reporting Platform
  • List out different incidents, categories, and reported day, date, and time
  • History of the incident happened in the past with images and location
  • Recent news and stories of the defined categories
If you plan to implement this project idea, you may come across an app named Prejudice Tracker, which reports, monitors, and tracks the misconducts happening across the globe. Since these are never-ending issues, the world needs more real-time reporting platforms.

Addiction Recovery
  1. According to statistic of some countries, half of the reported that they had consumed illicit drugs once in their life. Consuming such drugs leads to mental disorders and depression, and a person can become paranoid.
  2. To control drug addiction, you can develop recovery apps for drug addiction. For example, you can plan to execute this project idea by creating an app like Recovery Path, where users can create their profiles, access strategies to overcome their cravings and interact with other people facing similar issues. Daily interactions in the recovery community can provide life-saving support and even increase motivation, resulting in a faster recovery.
Which are the Core Features of Addiction Recovery App?
  • Daily motivational quotes to boost the positivity
  • GPS locator to meet nearby like-minded people
  • List of alternative consumables
  • Connect with the online therapist
  • Recovery based activities
  • Tracking progress in recovery

All-in-one Travel Booking App
According to a report published by US Travel Association, travel spending in the USA has tallied at $92 billion for the month of December 2021. The data shows that only 2% of spending has dropped compared to the month of December 2019. Even though the pandemic occurred during this time, the travel industry didn’t lose its existence and continued to lead in the market.
So, developing an all-in-one travel booking solution could be an opportunity to tap into the travel industry. This is one of the best full stack application ideas for an app that allow your users to book tickets for trains, buses, flights, hotels, and ferries. Booking and managing travelling journeys from a single app offer the benefits of saving time and effort. In fact, many applications such as or Trip give offers and discounts on bookings to the customers. This lures customers to keep on using their applications.
Using such an app benefits planning trips from a single place like choosing a destination, booking cars for sightseeing, and travelling to local places of the holiday destination.
Developing an app on this full-stack project idea becomes a one-stop solution for all travel-loving people. Such apps make it easy for your users to manage the whole travel journey from a single online booking platform.
Which are the Core Features of All-in-one Travel Booking App?
  • Searching functionality to find a bus, destination, and stops
  • Real-time seat checking
  • Booking tickets
  • Payment option
  • Offline access to booked tickets
  • Real-time tracking of bus or train
  • Push notifications
  • Ticket cancellation option
  • Chat support
  • Integration with hotels and taxi booking

Ready to Develop a Custom Full Stack Solution?
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