How to help customers be happy!

There are many definitions of customer service, but it is customer satisfaction before, during, and after the purchase.

If the customer is satisfied with your cooperation with you, the price doesn't matter to him! And if it does, then not in the first place. Customers want more. They want love for them. A sense of importance. Give them this, and they will always be with you.

There are many definitions of customer service, but it is customer satisfaction before, during, and after the purchase.

Brian Tracy identifies just four levels of customer service in his publications:
- Satisfy your customers.
- Exceed the expectations of the company's customers.
- Deliver customer satisfaction.
- Impress your customer.

All of these levels follow one after the other. You can't go to a new level without working through the previous one. By reaching the last fourth level, the company begins to have the highest form of customer service.
Today's customers buy more services than prices.
This is not to say that price is not essential, but many customers are willing to pay more to get a better level of service.

Think back to your last purchase, the one that you remembered, something significant or worthwhile.

How was your choice made? Did you research where to best buy what you were interested in? What services were as interesting to you as the price?

For example, delivery, form of payment or convenience of ordering.
Many would agree that this was the case.
Yes, the price will always be a key factor, but not the only one.
No less important is the level of customer service.

The ideal would be low price and excellent service, but it is infrequent.
It all comes down to money.
Good service costs much money.
And each company sets the bar for itself, which it can adhere to without reducing its profits.

How can you improve the level of customer service?

It is highly desirable to obtain full information about their clients.
You can keep a database of your customers, ask their opinion, provide feedback.
Create high-quality service centers.
This will help you better understand your customer and give them something they are willing to pay more for.

Another critical factor in improving customer service is working with your staff.
Make them skilled professionals, give them the authority to deal with customer issues on the spot to resolve customer issues quickly.

Implement innovative ways of working with customers.
Innovation and new technology can be found everywhere, including in customer service. For example, this is the form of customer contact or the way their requests are handled.
After all, we live in the age of technology, and it is changing at a tremendous rate!
The easier it is for your customers to purchase, the more often they will contact you.
Yes, there can be mistakes.
There is no insurance against them!
However, you need to learn from them and correct them quickly.
In this case, the customer who saw a service error in your company but noticed the changes when they returned will be happy!

We tell our managers:
"Don't be afraid to make mistakes. But make sure you do not make the same mistakes twice."
(Akio Morita, Japanese entrepreneur, founder of Sony Corporation).

We wish you good luck!