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The success of any project lies in the expertise of the team involved. The better the team, the better the outcome of the project. That is why you should always care more about getting the right people on the job. TechSuit is a hub of IT professionals that connects you to the best software and app developers in Ukraine. Our goal is to simplify the entire process of finding the right development agency for your project. 

About Us 

Hi, I am Alina, the CEO of TechSuit. I used to work as an IT  Sales Manager in one of the software development agencies in Ukraine. While working this job, many requests that we got were not in line with our expertise. So, most times, we engage other teams for support or direct the job to other agencies As a result, we lost many projects. 

The problem was that we weren't connecting with the right job, and that caused a major drawback for the team. It was then the idea of creating a hub to connect companies and individuals in need of software services to developers in Ukraine. And that was how TechSuit idea was born. There is also my partner in the team. He deals with the technical part of TechSuit.
We work together to make things easy for both development agencies and companies/ individuals in need of software and app development services in Ukraine. We offer services including:
  • Technical and English level interviews 
  • Project estimates
  • Client support
  • Recommendation and support through signing and interviewing developers on our team

What We Do

At TechSuit, we connect customers to software and app development agencies. We spot the clients and connect them to the best development agencies for their needs. We help you cut down the rigorous process of searching for development agencies in Ukraine. 

Customers create a portrait with us, stating the kind of services they are looking to find. We then match them with the right team that satisfies the level of experience needed for the job. We add partners to our vendor list every week after the team has proven their expertise. We have two criteria: 
  • Technical focus, and
  • Domain expertise. 

Domain expertise is proven after completing at least three projects which are live and open to the public. You'd probably agree that the team that mainly created WordPress websites will never create CRM for the healthcare industry.

How Does The Process Look From the Client's Side?

Follow this analogy;
Let’s assume that you are a US-based entrepreneur searching for a team to create a mobile application. One of the markets you'd probably consider is Ukraine. That's because the quality here meets most demanding requirements of the development market while rate level allows engaging top specialists, without emptying your pocket. 

Now, where do you start your search? Google? Ok, let’s try. 

You will run into a few links like  "top companies..." and others. But, how did they create the list? Do you know which one to trust? What criteria were considered to put them in the rank? How about the rate level?  What are the quality-price criteria? There is a whole lot of questions you have to answer in your head.

You may choose to go with the one at the top of the list, check their portfolio, and not find any projects similar to yours? Ok, let’s go to the next one. Any luck? 

Before starting your search, ask yourself a question: "how much time are you ready to spend on this process?", "How much does your time cost?"

Why go through all that stress when TechSuit can easily connect you with professional app developers in Ukraine without hassle.

Wearing Client’s Shoes 

Our team was recently involved in the same process. We needed a designer to update our landing page. We had simple criteria, which include precise budget, deadline, and style preferences. We got 44 applications in 5 minutes. In a couple of hours, the figure reached 86. I started to look through the applications and got frustrated in the first couple of minutes. 

Initially, I noticed that some of the applicants were too lazy to update their proposals. So, applications starting with "Dear CUSTOMER" were skipped without even opening.

Then I look at the budget and deadline that were suggested to me. Some put the price twice higher or the deadline extended to one week instead of three days that I expected. So, they were automatically cut off. When you show the exact budget you are willing to spend on a project, why would you take into consideration someone who requires more for their services? 

The next issue was the deadline. If the applicant says the work will take 7 days instead of 3 days, it makes me think that they will have several projects at the same time and won’t be able to respond to my messages immediately or completely focus on my suggestions. So, I cut off a large number using the deadline factor.

I moved on to checking applicants’ portfolios. When I opened some designer’s portfolio,  I couldn’t find anything similar to my request and I had to reject their applications.  I spent several hours checking the designer's applications. It was indeed a stressful process. So, we TechSuit understand the rigorous process of sourcing for services like app development in Ukraine, and we are here to simplify the struggle.

How We Find The Teams

We go through the finest process to find our team of app developers in Ukraine. We collaborate with different agencies here. We have a partnership database where we add teams and their expertise. The profile of each team consists of their technical stack, domain expertise, CVs, code samples of the candidates we already interviewed, and our notes about them.

When we get a request, we apply to our database and check with their managers what available resources they have. The client receives already sorted and interviewed profiles that will be the best fit for their request. After approval of the team, the project is started and is directly between the client and the team. 

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