How do you create an irresistible team spirit?

You can still get great results, but your team's overall productivity will be mediocre. From the outside, it may seem normal, and you may not have as many undeniable problems. But your team will not grow and develop. 

Team strength is based on trust, retention, and appreciation. 

Team members are responsible for being seen as individuals and feeling that their personalities are valued. 

The most important thing here is trust. Trust allows people to feel safe expressing and implementing their ideas. It encourages you to keep trying and to be curious. It gives you the courage to accept your missteps and share your successes.
Every issue is discussed in a safe, naive team rather than hidden under the rug. 

Team members are treated as individuals, and their personalities are valued. They are given space to be themselves, acting with one goal in mind.
Gratitude can be expressed in small gestures that we learned in kindergarten.
Similar gestures:
  • thank you and hello
  • giving feedback
  • listening to others 
  • looking other people in the eye.

The race is often used as an excuse not to do it, but it is also the most common factor that corrodes appreciation.
Show appreciation:
  • see other people in the eyes.
  • listen directly to them.
  • say thank you, even if you were in a hurry.
All the good you give to your team will come back to you in the form of a glorious work environment.

Great teams communicate.
To enhance team spirit, activate from the basics:
  • shared vision
  • accurate roles
  • proper and accessible leadership
  • consideration and acceptance of diversity and clear communication

Individual teams can communicate without saying a word. Outsiders can sense their strong team spirit without navigating their communication. As a result, trust, gratitude, and security are perfected.

In day-to-day communication, you may not need to pay much attention to contact, and the more critical or complex the issue, the more effort you have to add to it. As a general rule, colleagues sometimes talk too much about significant matters. On the other hand, I have never heard of anyone chiding a colleague for explaining something very simply and clearly.

You can see and hear the excellent team spirit. 
When you visit other companies, do you notice their atmosphere? If you pay attention, you can conclude the quality of their team spirit from the outside.

In a good team, positivity is natural and can be felt outside of the team. We helped the team know each other more openly and freely in one company. We invited them to say hello to their teammates and other teams. Later, at a more modern stage, we asked them to give positive feedback to each other.

For a while, the team stood out among the others for their positivity, forcing them to show up even a little weird. But as the team members continued to do so, their positivity radiated out to other teams. This is because natural positivity has eternal power.

 "A hundred tiny fish can overcome one big fish." 
A functional team doesn't have superstars but a joyful attitude to work with. Anyone is an expert at something. A team's functionality and performance depend on how well it works together. 

Activate fixed team spirit by looking around, saying hello, and keeping feedback to others.