A few ways to take a break during the workday

Can't work at the same level of productivity throughout the day? We advise you to jump for a short rest to recover your strength.

We recommend using simple techniques and rules that will help to be productive throughout the day.

Was it allowed to do so?
Of course, there is a question, why should you rest at work, if the working time is so-called and is intended only for work, but not for rest.
Everyone is unique, and no one can work with the same productivity throughout the day. Some effectively work from 10 to 12 hours or 4 to 6 pm. However, considering the physiological capacity, without rest decreases the concentration of attention, falls ability to work, and lowers mood.

How to get a quick rest during the working day?
Change your working posture.
During the work, periodically change the state of the body. The muscles will already be a little easier when sitting down and standing up every half an hour. It is even better to work standing up for a while.

Did you know that Nikolai Gogol worked on writing Dead Souls while standing?

And some of today's offices allow employees to work lying down, so reduced overload on the spine, the muscles are highly relaxed, and heart rate slows down, resulting in lower stress levels.

  • Do physiological exercises

Try to take short breaks for 5-10 minutes every 2 hours, during which you will actively move around (as much as is, of course, possible within the office).
If there is no place to exercise, simple exercises can be done right at your desk. For example, stretch in different directions, sit down several times, prepare bends or knead the feet.
A brief massage of the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and arms will help return the ability to work.
There are companies where coolers with water are specially placed as far as possible from the work area to "shake up" the workers a little. Also, sometimes instead of personal trash cans, they install common ones so that you have to get up one way or another.

  • Breathe fresh air

Ventilate the room several times a day, at least in the morning or at lunchtime, and during the break, find a reason to get out of the office and take a walk in the fresh air.

  • Rotate tasks

A mix of different types of work helps to eliminate overstrain. If you have several tasks, and each of them can be completed in one working day, you should not spend all eight hours on only one task. Instead, do several things during the day relating to different tasks.
And if there's only one task, you can distract yourself from cleaning up your desk, making a to-do list, taking papers to a co-worker, or just dreaming about great plans for a weekend or vacation.

  • Listen to music

Sounds of a favorite song help to calm down many people. Try working with headphones. Maybe you belong to the category of happy people who can work while listening to your favorite tracks. However, quite a few people distracted by music are nervous and interfere with concentration; then, you can try listening to pleasant sounds.
Working with headphones will help not to be distracted by conversations in the team, which, incidentally, also take a lot of energy.

  • Use aromatherapy

In Japanese offices, for example, in the workplace, spread the scents of peppermint and citrus fruits, which are refreshing and energizing.
Here you will have to call either the management or colleagues, as the smell that relaxes you may make someone else nervous, or a person may be allergic. However, if all the employees turn out to be opponents of your idea, then take note that the smell of coffee is refreshing and uplifting. It is possible to install a bag of coffee on your desk and inhale its aroma when fatigue sets in.

Techsuit wishing you productive days!